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MobiCycle's Capabilities

Discover how our team of consultants, machine learning engineers, software developers, and marketers enable you to accurately report Scope 3 emissions, encourage biodiversity, and mitigate pollution associated with your electronics and electrical devices.

Last updated on June 30, 2023

Our team, composed of skilled consultants, technologists, game developers, and marketers, is dedicated to helping your organization navigate the complexities of sustainability and achieve a positive environmental impact.

MobiCycle Consulting

Our consultants serve as your expert guides in the increasingly important field of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and sustainability. We assist organizations in engaging with stakeholders such as investors, customers, and community members on ESG issues. This could include facilitating dialogues, responding to stakeholder inquiries, or helping your organization showcase its ESG initiatives.

MobiCycle Technology

Our Machine Learning (ML) engineers work to unlock the potential of your data, refining processes, and driving innovation. With their expertise in developing, implementing, and maintaining machine learning models, our technology department can improve your efficiency, foster innovation, and enhance problem-solving capabilities, thereby providing you with a competitive edge in today's data-driven world.

MobiCycle Games

Our game developers have a deep understanding of the intricacies of game design, including user interface design and narrative structure. They also have a comprehensive understanding of learning theories and principles. They incorporate these elements into game design to ensure your educational game is not only engaging but also an effective learning tool. Our team collaboratively works with subject matter experts, educators, and graphic designers to create an educational game that is accurate, relevant, and visually appealing.

MobiCycle Marketing

By outsourcing your ESG marketing campaigns to us, you gain the advantage of our team's expertise, resources, and efficiency. Our marketing professionals can help you create impactful and successful campaigns. We offer a fresh, unbiased perspective and innovative ideas to enhance your ESG campaigns. Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and tools in digital marketing, we ensure your campaigns stay relevant and impactful. Furthermore, our services can easily scale to match your evolving needs, whether you're launching a small, local campaign or a large, global initiative.

Scope 3 Capabilities for Electronics & Electricals

Our team of consultants, machine learning engineers, and software developers are here to empower your organization to overcome the challenges of Scope 3 emissions reporting. The problems of data volume, relevance, and scarcity are formidable, but with our combined skills and expertise, we can provide the solutions you need.


Our consultants scrutinize existing data inventories meticulously, filling any gaps in data by conducting supplier surveys, organizing site visits, and utilizing reliable third-party data sources. They can guide you through the complexities of Scope 3 emissions reporting and provide strategies to effectively capture and manage the necessary data.

Machine Learning Engineers

In situations where data is scarce, our machine learning engineers can employ techniques to artificially augment the existing data. We generate synthetic data that mirrors the characteristics of the real data, ensuring your emissions models are founded on comprehensive, high-quality datasets. Our team can utilize a variety of statistical techniques or deep learning models, or leverage small amounts of labeled data with large volumes of unlabeled data for training. Additionally, we employ active learning, a subset of semi-supervised learning, where the model is initially trained on a small dataset, and then it actively selects the most beneficial data points to be labeled for the next round of training. Through building multiple models and integrating their predictions, we deliver an accurate final prediction.

Software Developers

Our software developers are on the cutting edge of technology trends, using modern languages, tools, methodologies, and practices to create innovative and efficient software applications. They proactively integrate security measures into software development, including encryption, secure coding practices, and regular penetration testing. Working in multidisciplinary teams with stakeholders, they excel in communication and collaboration. Committed to lifelong learning, they continuously update their knowledge and skills to stay current with industry trends.

Moreover, MobiCycle offers a service named ATAPI - "All Things API".This service allows us to undertake custom software development projects that may not necessarily be linked to ESG concerns. If you're seeking to optimize your business processes with bespoke software solutions, our ATAPI service is available for you. Our proficient software developers stand ready to turn your vision into a functional reality.

eWaste Management Capabilities

MobiCycle has made it its mission to manage electronic and electrical equipment (EE) waste more holistically than traditional Scope 3 reporting allows. Standard reports often focus on purchased goods and services but tend to overlook waste. Moreover, traditional waste management concentrates on sensors in bins, which only account for transport emissions from waste collection, neglecting the actual emissions from the waste itself. Our comprehensive suite of digital and hardware tools aim to encourage best practices among your downstream suppliers in the waste sector. This approach is key to effectively managing electronic waste, the fastest-growing waste stream globally. As it stands, only 10% of electronic waste is currently recycled, a statistic we strive to improve.

Digital solutions

Our digital tools are designed to facilitate easy access, sharing, and storage of information, paving the way for efficient eWaste management. Engage with our digital avatars, also known as eAdvisors, for tailored assistance. If you prefer text-based interactions, our comprehensive eWaste directory is readily available at your disposal. For a more immersive and interactive experience, venture into our 'Metaverse' - eWaste Media's virtual environments. Here, you will encounter rich, engaging scenarios, further enriched by expert advice from our eAdvisors or insights from the eWaste Directory.

Hardware Solutions

Furthermore, we offer hardware solutions such as MobiBins and 'Where are WEEE?'. MobiBins are specialized eWaste containers designed to segregate hazardous waste from other waste streams, promoting secure storage and responsible disposal. In contrast, 'Where are WEEE?' is an IoT-based audit and logistics solution that enables real-time tracking of your electronic waste. It also provides auditors with comprehensive data reflecting your entire lifecycle environmental impact. Whether you are an individual or a corporation, our hardware and digital tools are designed to guide you towards sustainable and responsible electronic waste management.

Tackling the hard questions

As a disruptive force, we dare to question the conventional wisdom - no matter how universally accepted. Consider this: Is our dependence on renewable energy as the ultimate resolution to our carbon crisis misguided? For every tree that we fell to accommodate solar panel installations, we undermine our capacity to absorb carbon. Each wind farm that we establish adds to the already significant annual bird fatalities, estimated to be over a million. Alarmingly, our 'green' solutions might be accelerating species loss at more than 1,000 times the natural rate. This provokes a disconcerting question: Are we merely substituting one ecological catastrophe for another?

At MobiCycle, we rise to these challenges by adopting data-driven solutions to refine your supply chain management. Our approach transcends the basic application of upstream supply chain data for effective EE management, incorporating downstream data for a comprehensive electronic waste (eWaste) management.

Kickstart Your Journey with a Consultation Today

Our collaboration starts with a consultation. Selecting a solution from our suite without preliminary dialogue could lead to two prevalent missteps: initiating changes that yield little impact or making oversized investments in hardware.

You may be familiar with the adages, "Tech will save the planet" and "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." If so, we propose a third: "Process eats technology for dinner." As process consultants, we want to understand your current business needs and readiness for change before recommending appropriate solutions from our portfolio. Our interaction with you may involve:

  • Discussing your current strategy towards Scope 3 reporting, the required data to accomplish your goals, and potential access points for this data.
  • Soliciting emissions data from your suppliers.
  • Executing random site audits across your supply chain.
  • Mapping your suppliers' actual processes.
  • Suggesting process improvements or alternative suppliers.

For more insight into how AI can enhance your upstream Scope 3 reporting, please visit MobiCycle's AI page. If you're looking for ways to better manage your electronic waste for Scope 3 reporting, reduce pollution, and conserve ecosystem capabilities, we invite you to explore MobiCycle's eWaste Tools page. After our initial consultation, we can tailor a suite of digital and hardware solutions to your specific needs, empowering you to manage eWaste in an efficient and sustainable manner.

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